10 Excuses Standing In The Way Of Your Healthy Living

There are all kinds of reasons for resisting or refusing to eat healthy. Here are my top 10:

1.       I’ll start tomorrow, after the weekend, after the holiday, after New Year’s…” Why tomorrow?  Make one change today.     After you feel the positive health benefits, and are getting closer to your shape-goals, you’ll want to add more and more.

2.       “But, I deserve this treat after this day! It’s only one!”  Or is it?  MODERATION is a workable attitude, but you have to keep it moderate, not excessive.

3.       “I worked out yesterday.  I deserve this!”  Working out is a positive step.  Don’t negate the effort with a basket of hot wings and beer.

4.       “I’m super stressed and this chocolate/wine makes me feel better!” I’m sorry about your stress, really I am, but we’ve all been there from time-to-time.  Learning to manage your stress in productive ways is better.  Otherwise, the weight gain can just cause you more distress.

5.       “I’m addicted to Diet Coke!  I can’t give it up!”  Soda, whether diet or not, has been linked to obesity and a higher risk of stroke. Artificial sweeteners cause you to crave a sweetened taste more.

6.       “I hate vegetables and don’t want to eat salads all the time!”  You may remember hating certain vegetables as a child, but try them again prepared with more style.  Your tastes may have changed.  Also, vegetables can be added to main dishes, complex carbs and smoothies.

7.       “It’s fat free!” Don’t fall victim to the halo effect. . That happens when you over eat fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free or organic products based on the belief that they are healthier for you.

8.       “The food is there and I hate to see it wasted!”  Don’t eat food off other people’s plates.  Don’t bring bowls of extra food to the table.  A bite here, a nibble there adds up to extra pounds.

9.       “Life’s too short not to eat what you want!”  That would be great if we retained a childhood metabolism.  But, reality is that obesity leads to a host of negative health conditions.

10.   “I just ruined my diet, with _____; I might as well have some fun!” Moderation allows for smaller portions of ‘cheat foods’. Throwing away the whole effort, can turn into a lifestyle itself quickly.

Healthy is a lifestyle, not a diet that is fleeting.  Enjoying whole foods, lean protein, dairy, green tea and whole grains, brings you energy and positive health benefits.  Let’s work together to stay on track and support one another.

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