Are You Battling Your Food?

One often unexplored aspect of achieving weight loss goals is the relationship that you have with food, and how you view the way  you eat it.

At PaulasHealthyLiving, we view food as an avenue to bring fuel and energy to your body. You achieve that goal by fueling your systems with non-processed, whole foods.  It isn’t about totally removing this food or that one; but rather it’s about MODERATION in your food choices.  If you are told, “Never eat…”, then THAT food is what your brain and then your body, craves.  If your point of view is to put INTO your body, those foods that generate the most energy and health benefits for all of your systems, then the foods that you pick will steer towards whole, unrefined grains, vegetables, lean protein, legumes, dairy and green tea. 

Evelyn Tribole, M.S, R.D. promotes this eating style as Intuitive Eating.  It is an approach that encourages a healthy relationship, mentally and physically, with food.  It highlights listening to and trusting your body’s natural cues of hunger and fullness. 

“If you’re following dieting rules and feeling unsatisfied, chances are you’re constantly thinking about food.  When you eat intuitively, you pay attention to whether a meal was enjoyable, and whether it sustained you for the next few hours” says Tribole (

Make the food you eat work for you, not against you!

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