Are You Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals?!

We are drawing January to a close and New Year’s Resolutions for eating healthier, losing 20 pounds and exercising regularly are slowing or have already come to a screeching halt for many.  Usually, next comes the personal-boxing session where you personally beat yourself up for not resisting those chicken wings at lunch, wondering why you can’t stick with a fitness plan or why the numbers on the scale are so stubborn?

There are reasons, other than a lack of dedication, that lead to this predicament.

-Were your resolutions vague, such as, to get your best body ever?  It’s no wonder you don’t reach a goal that is so…impossible, with most peoples’ age, schedules and health challenges.  Try creating “life-goals” that fit within your life-schedule but challenge you outside your comfort-zone.  Remember that you wouldn’t have made a resolution if you were content with where you are.

-Make YOUR goals a life-priority!  Jobs, families, community, church and friends ask for a lot of your time.  Your personal goals fall by the wayside quickly.  But, remember that you are the best employee, the most loving mate/friend and the most loyal volunteer for others when you are well rested, fit, and in overall good health.  That makes making your life-improvement choices an important priority for yourself and for others.

-You are too tired to get up and work out and too tired at night.  It’s important to chart your biorhythms; are you a morning person?  More energized around lunch or a night owl?  If your fatigue is chronic, a health check at your doctors may be called for.  There are vitamin deficiencies, health issues, or depression that may be zapping your mojo.  Certain times of the year when there is less daylight hours can lead many to feel seasonal depression (

-You may be over-training or are inured.  Lethargy, injury, loss of appetite and depression can be tired to overtraining.  Giving the body rest days are important to the process and to improving over time.  That doesn’t mean you run off to Olive Garden and sit on the couch all weekend.  Try to integrate yoga, or brisk walks, and other reduced training options into your fitness plans.

-I want to cook to control the calories, salt, and sugar but I have no time!  It happens to everyone, but there are organizational hacks that you can implement that will help you when your time is short.  Using slow cookers and making stews and soups allows you to throw a meal together quickly.  Pre-cooking, cooling, packaging and marking proteins, and whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, farro and barley) will help you manage meals on a weekly basis.  I have several blogs giving options for this in detail.

-I’m cooking healthy, but I’m not losing weight!  Portions may be robbing your dedication.  Half of your plate should include vegetables that provide nutrients, and flavor at lower calories.

-The snacks at work come out of a vending machine.  Bring a small cooler with hard boiled eggs, low fat Greek yogurt, whole fruit, hummus with vegetables or homemade popcorn.  If you have a midafternoon snack with fiber or protein or a mix, then you revitalize your energy and focus.

My resolution or wish for the New Year is to have my readers have an “ah-ha” moment.  Where your goals are continued or realized, and you become satellite-endorsers of the healthy-life-choice movement!


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