Is Chicken Soup A Cure-All?

When the winter season is upon us and the inevitable cold comes upon us, nothing makes you feel better like chicken soup. What is it about that fragrant broth loaded with what pleases you (ex: noodles, rice vegetables, quinoa or barley)?
There are several ways to achieve this medicinal marvel:

1. You can make your own stock with the bones from a whole chicken, simmering over several hours with carrots, celery and herbs.

2. You can start with chicken stock or broth. Shop Smart magazine (published by Consumer Reports), evaluated the flavor and content of chicken stock products and rated Knorr Home-style Chicken Stock (from concentrate) and Swanson Chicken Stock as the best chicken flavor. Runners up in their list were Kitchen Basics Original Chicken Stock and Kirkland Signature Organic Chicken Stock.

3. If you buy pre-made chicken soups, try to find varieties in PBA-free cans or paper cartons to remove issues of metals leaching from the cans. The most important element when choosing a pre-made soup is taste, but you need to read the nutrition label for sodium content. Soups are notorious for very high salt content; some upwards of 750 mg per serving.

If you have blood pressure concerns, cardiac or diabetic issues, making your own may be the healthiest way to go. You can make a large pot, cool, then portion in freezer-safe containers, clearly mark and date. Then you have delicious, high-quality, low-sodium soup available anytime.

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