Delicious (Healthy!) Ideas For Those Thanksgiving Leftovers


I hope that everyone’s holiday meal turned out well and that you had a wonderful holiday.  Now, it’s time for leftovers and maybe a football game or two.  Some great food ideas are:

-Classic turkey sandwich

-Turkey tacos with whole wheat tortilla and cranberry salsa

-Turkey salad made with reduced calorie mayo or Greek yogurt, celery, curry powder, white raisins or spices. Serve in cantaloupe.

-Sweet potato pancakes with crème freche’

-Green bean salad with olive oil, red pepper flakes, chopped sweet red peppers and mushrooms.

-Cranberry bread pudding made with left over bread, egg beaters, nutmeg, cranberry relish and vanilla.

-Mashed potato (sweet or white) latkes, pan fried with 1 ½ tbsp. olive oil.  Add chives, or spices.

-Omelets with leftover broccoli, mushrooms, turkey and Laughing Cow Cheese.

-Sweet potato soup blended with chicken broth, fresh thyme, garlic, shallots and a dollop of crème fleche’

The day after Thanksgiving, you may feel overwhelmed and need a ‘cooking break’.  Utilize these quick-fix ideas.

Be sure to stay active during this time, to work off the holiday goodies and to keep your mood level.  Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.

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