But Eating Healthy Is Expensive And So Boring!

I know that healthy living is my passion, but I take issue with this myth! Many people tell me they can’t afford to eat healthy. That they don’t want to live on rabbit food. That it’s too boring. Here is why you need to rethink that attitude.

It is very difficult to find a mediocre carry out lunch with a drink for under $10. Take your kids with you and you can double that cost! You can eat whole, unprocessed foods on a budget by buying larger quantities and breaking them down. For example you can buy a whole chicken, a bag of quinoa, a large head of broccoli, a bag of apples, romaine lettuce, a bag of carrots, a container of Greek yogurt and a box of tea for about $30. From that you can make a chicken dinner with quinoa and salad, lite chicken salad over romaine with carrot slices, warm breakfast quinoa with apples, chicken soup with quinoa, chicken stir fry over quinoa, quinoa-broccoli fritters with an apple, and raw vegetables with curry/Greek dip with extras left over! Use Popsicle molds to make a healthy dessert/fruit pop with the Greek yogurt, thinning it down with a splash of black cherry or cranberry juice.

One way to make 2 chicken breasts last longer is to divide and turn the breast meat into scaloppini by pounding the meat with a meat tenderizer hammer. Use a cooking video to show you how to properly portion the dark meat out for another slow-cooker meal, and use the remainder parts, the carrots and onions to make chicken stock.

You can cook a large batch of quinoa, let it cool and portion it into 3 ounce Ziploc baggies (clearly marking their content). Then freeze for quick use at a later time.

When people complain that eating healthy is boring rabbit food, I challenge them to use flavored vinegars, fresh herbs, spices like curry, red pepper flakes and herbs de Provence to boost the flavor profile without unhealthy fats!

There is a transition time when your taste buds adjust when giving up a regular diet of processed foods because manufacturers utilize sugar, which stimulates the reward centers of the brain that creates craving similar to addiction to cocaine (Clinical Nutrition Metabolic Care), excess salt and hydrogenated fats to produce shelf life and flavor in their products. After a short period of time without eating those foods you may find your taste buds become MORE sensitive.

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