Energy Boosters or Energy Zappers?

Schedules are crazy for many between family, sports, work and volunteering.  Fatigue is one of the most common reasons people go see the doctor.  Many times the tiredness they feel does stem from a medical origin such as anemia, hyperthyroidism, cardiovascular issues and cancer, but sometimes changes in lifestyle issues can increase energy.

First thing, have a general physical to rule out health issues.

Understand the power of food!  

Ask yourself if you are filling your tank with high-powered foods or energy reducing, nutrient-void filler food?

Sugar and carbs often become a quick-fix-filler. But blood sugar balance can create a diabolical star roller coaster.  Simple carbs may make you feel full in the short term, but they leave you wanting, and quickly become fat pads.  

Quality protein, healthy fats, fiber and whole, unprocessed foods provide fuel for the long haul.  

Also eating smaller meals with snacks in between keeps your blood sugar levels even throughout the day.  

You’ve heard it since you were young, but a well balanced breakfast that includes protein, fiber and possibly vegetables starts your day off with fuel for the rest of your day, your memory and emotional health.

Give up the sugary drinks and drink flavored water or tea.

This is a key lesson to teach your children from a young age.  Role model that adding herbs, fruit or lemon/lime to water can be refreshing g and provides your body with the water it needs to function at top capacity.

Sleep & Energy

Getting enough sleep seems to be that unattainable goal we all reach for, but it’s so important to body function, memory and emotional stability.

Alcohol doesn’t help.  Creating a schedule that becomes a priority, and removing social media and TV from your room creates a den that is comforting and encouraging for sleep.  To many it may be surprising that regular exercise (not close in time proximity to bedtime) encourages better sleep.

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