Exercise! It Does a Body Good.

Exercising on a regular basis is an integral aspect if healthy living for a variety of reasons. 

Exercise can cut your body fat and alter your bodies composition.  This is important to long-term health by keeping health issues, such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, heart disease and digestive ailments, at bay.  It’s important to note that exercise alone won’t accomplish your goals if your diet doesn’t reflect the hard work you put into it.

Exercise boosts metabolism.  Cardio, weight training and even yoga helps to keep burning calories even after you put your gym bag away.

Exercising is a great opportunity to mix social and body-health time together in a positive way.  Running, marathon training, walking, group classes and biking are just a few ideas of how to accomplish important inter-personal time, with opportunities to keep blood flowing and muscle strengthening.

There are some misconceptions that can keep you from achieving these goals:

1.         Drinking sports drinks vs. water while doing any type of exercise.  They should be utilized when you’ve lost substantial amounts of sodium and other electrolytes through sweating.  Otherwise they are loaded with calories and more sodium than your body needs.

2.        You pound 5 Hour Energy shots like candy.  These shots are loaded with the equivalent of 200 mg. of caffeine which is way too much for light energy exercise.

3.        You’re afraid you’ll bulk up if you lift weights.  Strength training is critical for older adults to help prevent age-related bone and muscle loss, both of which can lead to falls or other serious injury.

4.        You stretch before your workout.  According to Consumer Reports on Health, your muscles benefit more from stretching when they are warm.  Stretching cold muscles can lead to injury.

5.        You use the calorie counter on your treadmill as fact.  A heart rate monitor and watch are the only accurate way to gauge your energy output.  According to American Council on Exercise, manufacturers use formulas to account for intensity and duration.  There are many factors that are not taken into account with generic formulas.

Exercising makes you feel more energetic, and more alive for a variety of reasons.  Create a regular schedule and program and rake in the benefits and the endorphins!

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