Finding Time to Cook Healthy Meals

by Paula | June 21, 2013 1:49 am


Finding the time to cook healthy foods can be challenging too many in our busy society. But cooking doesn’t have to be time consuming, intimidating, or expensive. Have some of these basic healthy staples in your pantry and you can whip together an energizing meal that is low in salt and high in nutrition. My top choices are:

1. Boxed chopped tomatoes- (boxed is often better than canned variety. If you choose canned, look for PBA free, organic choices).

2. Whole wheat or wheat blended pasta

3. Beans (PBA free is using canned, rinse well and soak throwing out soaking water if you use dried)

4. Frozen mixed vegetables (especially broccoli, edamame, cubed carrots)

5. Egg substitute/egg whites or whole eggs

6. Boneless, skinless chicken breast

7. Old-fashioned oatmeal (breakfast or breading for chicken strips and fish)

8. Frozen fruit (can flash freeze your own at this time of year)

9. Brown rice

10. Quinoa, faro

11. Frozen shrimp

12. Low-fat, low-salt chicken stock (I use large carton, organic brands)

Some easy, go-to recipes to try are:

Hearty vegetable soup

Vegetable, chicken or shrimp pasta (fill with veggies, add spinach, and other veggies to build up the density of the dish which controls the total calories

Veggie wrap filled with veggies, and chicken. Add fat-free feta or low-fat Mexican cheese and low-salt salsa

Stir fry veggies and protein with brown rice, quinoa with low-salt soy sauce.

Tomato soup with veggies made with low-salt chicken stock

Fruit smoothie with frozen fruit, low-sugar o.j., vanilla protein powder and 0% Greek yogurt

Oatmeal crusted chicken

Frittata- make a dinner meal by adding more savory ingredients such as broccoli, chicken breast or shrimp, onions, tomato bits, mushrooms, spices, fresh herbs and 1 cup egg substitute. Frittata’s can work for brunch by leaving out the chicken


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