How Interaction with Your Kids Effects Your Health

When you think of “Healthy Living” your mind may go to eating whole foods, avoiding processed foods and including regular exercise into your life.  If children are a part of your life, how you deal with them and how they deal with you is very important to living healthy.

Parenting roles and relationships with children has changed for many over the years.  When I was young we had 8 children and clear roles were designed for my parents and the children depending on birth order.  It was a fairly rigid lifestyle.  It worked for us.  Many modern day parents don’t choose to use such a rigid parenting style.  Which is better?  Depends who you ask.

Discipline scares a lot of people but there is a difference between discipline and punishment.  Punishment causes someone to undergo pain, discipline is training that develops self-control.  If we are doing a good job of disciplining ourselves and our children, we rarely, if ever need to punish ourselves or our kids. 

One difficulty involves the media presence in all of our lives through various electronics that our children have access to. Sexting, tweeting constantly, and Integra were never issues my parents had to deal with and they can seem Omnipresent in our modern lives.  Communication and an explanation of rules and expectations can be very impactful in our relationship with kids.

If your children’s food intake includes sugary drinks and processed foods, it can impact their behavior at home, at school and with you.  Even if your food choices could use some improvement, ask your children for their help to make healthier food choices with your family.  Often, they love to be asked for their advice and will be more enthusiastic about the process if they feel empowered.

Keeping your kids active is critical to their best health.  Recently I re-posted an article citing the rise in obesity among children under 18 years old, and the subsequent rise in this age group with Type 2 diabetes.  The study associated bad eating habits and 2 hours or more TV or video games per day as a component of the rise.  Getting kids involved in intramural or after school sports is a great way to make friends, learn about sportsmanship and burn calories.  Staying active on weekends with you provides invaluable ‘face-time’ with them.

Parenting is never easy.  I have such reverence for the job my Mother did, and the parenting values she passed to me.  If you need assistance or guidance reach out in your community, for it “takes a village!”

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