How to Control the Stress in Your Life

The schedule… that monster that seems to consume our lives.  Bringing us stress; raising our cortisol levels, making us feel tired and depressed.  BUT, there are tips that you can utilize to reduce that stress.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Yoga – an ancient practice of connecting with the body; flowing through poses, stretching,  strengthening and lengthening the muscles.

2. Stay hydrated – the bodies different systems work best when they are provided with the water that they require.

3. Exercise regularly – cortisol (stress hormone) is reduced when you exercise on a consistent basis. Endorphins (feel good hormones) are released during high energy exercise.

4. Take Valerian – (after making sure there are no potential drug interactions with your present medication). Studies have shown that valerian root can be an effective relaxation aid. Melatonin is a natural sleep aid that also helps many.

5. Utilize essential oils –  use oils such as lavender, chamomile, lemon, and mint.  Many lotion products utilize these benefits.

6. Meditation and journaling – finding or scheduling time to be quite and listen to your quiet personality can help reduce the busy noise within your mind.

7. Make and use large dry-erase boards – to help visualize your weekly schedule use a dry erase board.  There is a lot of peace that can be found in understanding where you and your family are scheduled to be.

8. Have a cup of tea – valerian, chamomile and passion fruit varieties all have calming properties. In addition, the mere act of calmly enjoying tea can help reduce stress.

9. Eat whole versus processed foods – it requires a bigger effort from the body to pass foods filled with preservatives, high salts, saturated fats and sugars than it does for the body to benefit from lean protein, whole grains, complex carbs, dairy, vegetables, fruit and tea/water.

10. Skip the Kava supplement – according to, skip the Kava supplement.  This supplement was showing promising possibilities for reducing stress and anxiety but the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning linking Kava to severe liver damage.

11. Organize – organize your environment with apps and organizing tools to help reduce your stress.

12. Laugh! – studies have shown that laughter helps reduce stress levels and makes you feel more peaceful.

It’s almost impossible to say that stress can be removed entirely from your life, but every attempt to reduce variables of stress can help reduce the possible health side effects.

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