I’m Eating Right & Working Out! Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Eating right and working out is a great start but may not be enough. A harsh reality is that losing weight is not always easy, especially as we age.  It always feels easier to drop more pounds for men than for women, and is certainly easier when you’re younger.  That’s not a reason to give up the good fight for several reasons.
1. Managing your weight will help delay or reverse certain health issue such as obesity, diabetes, cholesterol concerns and general cardiac health.
2. Managing your weight helps you gain more energy and helps you retain balance, posture and agility (all important to quality of life)
3. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle improves blood glucose management because activity makes your body more sensitive to the insulin you make and also burns glucose (otherwise known as calories).
4. 1 pound of muscle burns 7-10 calories during the day.
1 pound of fat burns 2-3 calories per day (Calorielab.com)
5. Activity helps your heart pump stronger and slower improving cardiac health.
6. People who stay physically active into old age may have larger brains as shown in a study published October, 2012 in the journal, Neurology.

If your weight loss has plateaued, it may be time to mix things up. Your muscles actually get used to doing the same kind of workout repeatedly.  Try a new type of exercise.  Boost your output level.  If you walk and can hold a casual conversation easily, you need to pickup the pace or go for hills or stairs.  You should be breathing hard.  Try a high-intensity training program (with your doctors approval if you have any injuries or health issues).
Next, if you stopped your progress of weight loss, use a food journal and food scale for 30 days.  The journal helps you honestly evaluate your daily, and weekly food choices, and the scale helps you visually understand portion sizes of what you choose to eat.
A common themes within the Paula’s Healthy Living Community  are baby-steps and moderation.  You must be kind, disciplined and compassionate towards YOURSELF!  If you follow these ideas, you have better opportunity for success.

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