Is Dieting a Four Letter Word?

When I talk about what I eat (especially when my children are around), I am very careful to use the word “food plan” instead of the word DIET.

Growing up in the 70’s where fad diets such as the “Grapefruit Diet” “Sauerkraut Diet”, “Cayenne Pepper Diet” and the huge following of the “Atkins Diet” were considered mainstream; losing weight through eating a healthy well-balanced diet seemed juvenile.   But to me, the word diet  implies something unhealthy, and temporary

I learned that the diets that had weird ingredients, or just liquids, may have helped the participant to realize weight loss, but was usually followed by weight-regaining when you began to eat ‘typical’ food that you ate before. What sense does it make to be able to eat a 12 ounce steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner with no vegetables? Is that nutrition?  Can any heart artery accommodate that long- term?

You have to look at food logically (calories, your age, metabolism, and your exercise plan). The fewer steps that go into the creation of what you’re eating, the more pure nutrition there is for your system. The more balanced your choices are, the better odds your overall nutrition and wellness will be for you long-term.

As we age, I’m finding these facts to be more-true. Your metabolism slows, and what you could eat two years ago, packs on the pounds this year. It’s depressing, but true.

Make a long-term plan for your eating that helps you maintain high-energy and encourages your overall health.

Workout Diary:

Balance/power total body DVD-50 minutes

Pure Barre class-55 minutes

Food Diary:


1 egg in the hole ( 1 egg in Ezekial bread, grilled with Butter flavored Pam (120cal.)

2 small ‘cutie’ oranges (55 cal.)

A.M. Snack –

1 tbls. almond butter (95 cal)

1 cup celery (36 cal)

Whey protein shake (125 cal)


4oz. chicken (187 cal.) Baked

1/2 cup butternut squash, roasted (90 cal.) I LOVE squash right now!

2 cups raw organic spinach, wilted. Sprinkled with slivered home-roasted no-salt almonds (90 cal.)

1 sweet potato, sprinkle if cinnamon, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (120 cal.)

P.M. Snack-

3 tbls garlic hummus, 4 whole wheat homemade pita chips (191 cal)


6 oz scallops- pan seared with butter flavored non-stick spray, spices, parsley, garlic, squeeze of Meyer lemon over (135 cal.)

1 cup Zucchini, onions, garlic, 1/2 tsp. rosemary olive oil (80 cal.)

10 asparagus spears (70 cal.)

2 oz. barley cooked with mushroom broth (homemade), portabello mushroom bits, onions (150 cal.)

1/2 mixed berries over low-fat vanilla yogurt ice cream (140 cal.)


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