Kitchen Hacks That Improve Everything!

We all have busy schedules that leave us pressured for time to feed ourselves and our families in a healthy way. But there are ways to streamline jobs, otherwise known as kitchen hacks, in the kitchen to re-enliven your zest for creating dishes that energize your body instead of carry out or food out of a box.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs make a nutritious breakfast when sliced over whole wheat toast with thin slices of avocado and fresh basil, made into egg salad with mustard or curry and Greek yogurt or taken on the go in a snack bag for a mid morning pick me up.

The problem is that peeling them is time consuming and pre-peeled ones taste like rubber golf balls. Try steaming 6 at a time for 15-16 minutes in a steamer basket. After cooling, they peel in a snap!

Roasted Veggies

If you have a house with different tastes in vegetables, how do you feed them all? Roast the veggies!

  1. In a ziplock place carrots, onions, brussels sprouts, parsnips, and purple cabbage wedges.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons flavored olive oil and fresh thyme.
  3. Give them a quick sprinkle of sea salt and roast in a 400 degree oven till done to your liking, turning at lest once for even golden taste.
  4. Add lean protein and fresh fruit slices and your ready!


If your short on time and planning meatloaf, cook them in a muffin tin.

  1. At 450 degrees they will be fully cooked in 12-15 minutes.
  2. Be sure and add finely chopped zucchini or carrots to the mix before cooking to improve their nutrition.

Chicken Stock & Tea Bags for Flavor

Improve the flavor of complex carbs by cooking in chicken stock, or adding your favorite tea bags such as a smokey black tea or Earl Grey for an original flavor.  I also enjoy adding a stalk of rosemary or coconut oil for fragrant flavor.

Faster Clean Up – Line a Baking Sheet with Heavy-duty Aluminum Foil

For faster after dinner clean up, line a baking sheet with heavy-duty aluminum foil when cooking 4-6 ounce fillets of fish or chicken.

  • Drizzle with a small amount of flavored oil and cracked pepper or fresh herbs to add flavor.  
  • At 400 degrees fish can typically cook in 10 minutes.
  • Chicken will take longer depending on thickness.  
  • Then after enjoying, clean up is a snap!

Oil Portions

Healthy oils such as olive oil, grape seed and coconut oil come in aerosol cans now. This allows you to modify the portion used while enjoying the health benefits and flavor.  

There are also misters with a pump lid available that allow you to add your desired oil, peppercorns or fresh herbs to your liking.

Clean Serving Platter – Aluminum Foil

When taking chicken, pork or any protein to a grill,  take your serving platter and put aluminum foil over.

After adding meat to oiled grill, fold up foil and throw away leaving your clean serving platter at the ready.

Pre-freeze Wine in an Ice Cube Tray in Hotter Months

When serving wine during the hotter months, pre-freeze the wine your serving in an ice cube tray. This allows your guests to enjoy their libations chilled with out watering it down.  

You can also add these cubes to a cooking pan when flavoring fish and chicken when cooking. 

This concept also works for different oils/herbs/peppercorn while cooking. Pop out the flavor and mix you desire and cook in a snap!

Finding ways to make cooking at home faster, more delicious and healthier benefits everyone’s waistline, nutrition and brings the family together.

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