Making the Right Choices at the Grocery Store

by Paula | November 9, 2013 8:10 am

Making the right choices when navigating the grocery store aisles can be a challenge.  You need to provide yourself with knowledge and a plan to achieve the most nutritional purchases.

1.       Plan your meals before you go to the store.  This helps you successfully design healthy meals, but it will also save you trips to the store for things you    forgot.

2.       Don’t go to the store hungry.  An empty stomach often leads to more choice-impulsive purchases.

3.       Shop the outside aisles of the grocery store.  The fruits, vegetables, lean meats and dairy are usually around the perimeter.

4.       Keep your health and fitness goals in mind while you shop.  Write your goal at the top of your sheet.  Stick to your plan.

5.       Don’t let the advertising executives win over your basic logic.  Investigate and read the labels to see if the products bring you energy or fat

6.       Look for specials that may entice you to try a fish or vegetable, such as skate, cod, parsnips or brocollini, that you’ve never tried.  The worst case scenario is that you wouldn’t choose to buy it again.

Preparing your own food allows YOU to control the flavor, calories, fat content, salt and sugar in your meals.  Eating a healthy diet will help you be more energized and to reach your fitness and health goals.


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