Muscle Is Made In The Kitchen & The Gym!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could work out hard and eat whatever you’d like, even after your metabolism changes after 40?! The reverse would also be the preferred choice of many; to eat healthy foods but never need to work out to maintain your desired weight and muscle tone.

Now it’s back to reality, and both of the groups described above will be disappointed. You need both the gym and the kitchen to maintain muscle tone and to achieve better health and desired weight over time.

Fuel for Your Body and Your Workout

Consider the food you choose to eat as fuel for your body and your workout.

If you expect your engine to work at peak-performance while filling it with processed foods, saturated fats, sugar and alcohol regularly, you’ll experience sputtering, clogging and inefficiency.  

To the contrary, if you use lean, quality proteins and non-meat proteins to support your muscles’ recovery after exercise, you will be rewarded with better quality energy and verve.


Carbs, having been portrayed as the ultimate villain in the weight loss world, have been redeemed. Carbs, in conjunction with proteins and healthy fats, all play a critical role in tissue, muscle repair and growth.

When You Eat

It is also important when you eat.  Protein works most efficiently when spread out throughout the day.  

When combining carbs and protein, you boost the nutritional value of both, which benefits muscles, mood and your mind.

Carbohydrates increase the presence of tryptophan (think Thanksgiving) which makes you feel happy. Win-win!


Exercise is equally important as the nutritional aspect! Exercise promotes

  • bone density
  • helps manage ideal weight ratios
  • helps maintain and increase muscle tone
  • improves balance as you age.

The harder you train at regular exercise, the higher your calorie burn during those efforts, and that extends even after you’ve hung up your sport shoes.  

According to, “The best time for women to increase food consumption is around exercise; before, during and after. This strategy takes the greatest advantage of heightened sensitivity of skeletal muscle to absorb and utilize carbohydrates to refuel, recover and grow lean muscle.” (October, 2014).

Remember that workouts and choosing high quality fuel for your body is a blessing, not a chore. Be the biggest cheerleader for your own best-health!

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