What Is ‘The New Healthy’?

I am thrilled to read articles and mainstream magazines that consider eating whole foods, including making whole grains, vegetables and fruit more of a focus in consumer’s daily diet, super cool and trendy. Daily talk shows bring in Food Network stars to show cooking as being approachable instead of elitist. Fast food chains are including vegetables and apple slices on their kids’ meals, as well as milk versus soda. Yes!

Cooking healthy foods needs to be demystified for the average consumer. Education needs to involve cooking itself, but also include the benefits of improved health and energy. An important factor is to educate everyone about how cooking at home can be more affordable when they are shown how many meals you can make out of one whole chicken, a bag of quinoa or brown rice and a bunch of broccoli or cabbage.  I’m constantly surprised by how expensive fast food is since I make 90% of our meals at home.

I’m loving that the three keywords that get the most hits on my Twitter and Pinterest accounts aren’t ‘diet’ but rather ‘avocado‘, ‘kale’, and ‘quinoa’. Kale and other super-greens are becoming commonplace on menus and are easy to include into people’s meal plans, either raw or cooked.

Many stores such as Sur La Table and grocery chains have begun cooking classes for a small charge, or occasionally free. It allows you to learn new techniques and to understand how to infuse flavor without adding fat and preservatives in your food.

Another aspect of the ‘New Healthy’ is the expansion and inclusion of whole grains that previously were not common, such as farro, wheat berries and other ancient grains. It’s no longer assumed that pasta is the only way to go for meals.

I’m very encouraged to see the excitement over green and black teas as well as infused water to replace soda. Whether soda has loads of sugar or no calories but sugar substitutes, water or tea is the healthier choice.

There are many aspects of healthy living that are exciting. It helps you manage weight goals, feel more energetic and help reduce health issues by utilizing the powerful health benefits that whole foods and spices can bring.

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