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Why is Strength Training Different Zones Important?

Strength training muscles provides multiple benefits for many age groups and addresses health issues for men and women.  It provides metabolism burning opportunities while toning  and strengthening muscles.  It builds bone density and also helps retain balance and reduce injury as we age.  To achieve the most opportunities for these benefits, make sure your training targets all the different muscle zones, even those you don’t love, or understand their importance. Continue reading

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Boxing?! At MY Age?


I like to mix up my cardio and muscle strengthening practices to keep my muscles guessing and my metabolism burning (and confused).  “Incorporating muscle-strengthening exercises two to three times per week and some extra intensity cardio and strength a day or two a week will stimulate strength gains, fitness, and calorie burn,” says Jennifer Sacheck, PhD, associate professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University.  She explains how strength-based exercises slow the effects of aging by defying the 3-5% loss of muscle that happens every year after age 30 if no strength-based fitness is practiced. Muscle building also promotes bone density, which can be an issue as you age.
So what new workout class did I choose? Boxing, of course!  Well, kind of boxing.  It’s a circuit workout called 9Round 30 min Kickboxing Fitness.  You can go whenever it works for your schedule, versus most classes which happen at pre-determined times.  The workouts start every 3 minutes.  After starting you switch stations every 3 minutes, and the trainer explains that days exercise. It differs every day.
I burn between 200-300 calories most times during the 30 minute rotation.  I get to punch heavy weight bags with my hands that are wrapped and protected by boxing gloves. I kick the bag with my feet, working all zones including arms, shoulders, abs, core, gluten, legs and calves.  It’s a huge stress reliever and also comes with access to the Internet 9Round community and dieting tips.
I also love that you may see men or women from age 16 to 80.  Every one is working hard and leave sweating and feeling powerful!  There is no boxing contact with your face, just good old hard work.  See if it’s in your community.  Your first workout is free.

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How to Lose the Flab (the Right Way!)

Our guest blogger, Trisha DeHall of Cincinnati Fit Body Bootcamp, talks about how the right way to lose the “flab”.  


This weekend no less than 6 people told me they needed faster results to get ready for summer.

They all pointed at their ‘flab’ they had below their belly button and they all mentioned how they needed to do ‘more cardio’.

After a slight seizure I educated them on why more cardio won’t do much (if anything at all) for them..
.. what they NEED to do, is spend more time in the kitchen Continue reading

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Healthy Vacation Tips: How to Stay Fit on Vacation

Need some healthy vacation tips? Here’s another great guest blog post from Trisha DeHall of Cincinnati Fit Body Bootcamp.  She talks about the importance of enjoying your vacation but also not losing site of your fitness goals. Continue reading

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5 Exercise Myths That Keep You Fat

Guest blogger Trisha from Cincinnati Fit Body Bootcamp explains why we shouldn’t believe everything we hear.

There are plenty of exercise misconceptions out in the world, some of which may be holding you back from your best body.

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Boost Your Workout with HIIT

When you’ve established a solid base of exercise through cardio work, weight training, stretching and yoga on a consistent basis, you may feel like your progress has leveled-off.  You can pump-up the volume by A) varying the style of cardio you are using, B) changing the weight (ratio you use to build muscle moving to higher number of reps, adding more weight, or reducing the length of rest periods or C) adding plio or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Continue reading

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True Life of The Aged Population

Aging in the United States is not how I remember it as a child. I remember my Girl Scout troop singing holiday songs for older people in a nursing home. The appearance of the facility was cold, sparsely furnished, and smelled horrible. The elderly residents were scantily dressed in hospital gowns with looks on their faces were ones of sadness and disengagement. It’s not so desperate for the older adults of today. Continue reading

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Can I Ever Lose Those Last 10 Pounds?

If you have been reading my blogs for any period of time, you know I don’t believe in crazy diets, diet pills, shakes or whatever the “quick-fix-cure” of the moment is.  I believe in making small changes to your diet and fitness regimes that reflect a change in ‘lifestyle’ for your long term health benefits.  Changes that you can stick with that aren’t once a year resolutions, or fixes that will have you lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks. Continue reading

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Meatless Monday…Or More?

Straight out of the box let me be clear, I’m not a vegetarian by choice. My family has been very successful in the family-style restaurant chain industry. I grew up as hamburgers, Big Boys in particular, being the crux of our business. But, as I get older and have to make changes to my meal plan to keep my energy level high, my weight goals in check and potential health issues at bay, I’ve reduced the amount of meat I eat across the board. Continue reading

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I Feel So Blue During Winter Months…

The holidays are over. Bills are arriving. You may be feeling overweight or guilty about your calorie intake during all the holiday parties, goodies at work, and holiday meals. It feels too cold to go outside and be active. You’ve already broke your New Year’s Resolutions. All you want to wear is big, long sweaters! Continue reading

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