Perfect Healthy Living Gift Ideas!

The holidays are a great time to share healthy living gifts that will improve the quality of life (or just make them smile) of the recipent.  I looked through my Pinterest gift board, and these were some of my faves.  They are not all health-oriented; some just make you smile.

-Lululemon yoga/gym bag- stylish and functional, this bag helps keep your items for class organized and easy to carry around town.

-Silky Pajamas- cuddling up in front of a fire in these, warms your heart and makes you feel relaxed (reducing your cortisol levels).

-Handpress Auto Expresso Maker: Good for when you need a caffeine fix on the go!

-Moo-Mixer:  For the kid at heart who loves a frothy glass of milk with Ovaltine, this has a mixer in it to keep the bubbles plentiful.  My son has one and he LOVES it.

-Blendtec blender:  If juicing is an effective way to include fruits and vegetables into your diet, this is an effective but lower cost variety.

-Flavor Infusing Water Jug: Giving up soda is best for your health, but can be a difficult adjustment.  These jugs allow you to infuse whatever flavors you like such cucumber, mint, strawberry, lemon or basil (or you can mix more than one).

-Rubber Sink Mat:  It’s great if you get lower back pain from standing while cooking.  I have one and it really helped a lot!

-Magazine Subscription:  Some of my favorites are Eating Well Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, Diabetic Life (great recipes), and Cooking Light.

-Ribbon Baking Pan.  With the use of magnets, it allows you to mold a cake into any shape you desire.  Very creative gift idea for the baker in your life!

-Emulsion Blender:  A wand with a blender on the end that allows you to puree squash, blend soup and mix smoothies straight in a glass.  Handy for a chef gift.

I hope for all of you that the holidays bring you joy.  I am so blessed to revel in the delight of my children; a blessing I’m lucky to have.
Be safe and happy!

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