Reaching Your Goals Should Be Rewarded – The Right Way!

Setting attainable goals is critical to success with your fitness and weight loss goals.  Many New Year’s resolutions are quickly abandoned because they are too difficult, too time consuming or too far reaching to ever be realized.  Your goal should be just outside of your reach; one that some effort needs to be shown to achieve.

I think the best goals have a prize at the end to shoot for.  Some say that ‘better health’ , a smaller waistline, less risk of obesity or weight-related illnesses should be enough and that is valid, but having a celebration-goal makes the journey that much sweeter.  What I don’t support is a prize that contradicts all the hard work and dedication that you showed to get there, like box of chocolates.  You just have to work harder again to work it off again!

I love the idea of:

-Cooking class with friends to revitalize your interest in healthy cooking and eating.  Share your passion and knowledge with your friends.

-A trendy fashion accessory to update your new ‘look’

-An overnight trip away helps to reduce stress and makes a great prize.  Cortisol is a fight or flight hormone.  It can lead to memory loss and back and belly fat if not reduced.  Time away from electronics, work and stress can help that.

-Sign up for a new exercise class with a friend that you wanted to try.

-Massage is a favorite of mine.  Swedish massage involves kneading the skin, muscles and tissue with long strokes.  Be clear to the therapist what your expectations are, if you have any trouble zones, conditions or injuries and if you request no talking during your time with them. It’s your experience; make it what you’d like.

-Take a creative class such as assisted painting class, pottery or modern dance.

-Save money every week to buy exercise DVD’s, exercise gear or clothes, or equipment like a Spinning bike for your home.

Your goal was set to help you reach your exercise, health or weight-loss goals. Celebrate your success and then set a new goal!

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