Self Reflection Exercise That Will Change Your Life

Self reflection is a powerful tool to creating a healthy, happy life.  Some personalities find this exercise easier than others, but all will get something from it.

Steve Gutzler, a leadership and performance coach that I met on Twitter, encouraged me to take a self-inventory while I was on vacation and had some time to reflect.  He called it a Code of Honor. It should be 10-12 promises you make and keep for yourself.  Ones that describe personal promises, values or important feelings on family, and health. Here is my list.

Paula’s Code of Honor:

  1. Respect yourself and others
  2. Treat your body like an expensive car; give consistent maintenance and use quality ingredients and products
  3. Maintain a zeal for learning
  4. Have laughter in your life
  5. Find, cultivate and empower your passions in life
  6. Maintain relationships that raise your spirits
  7. Learn from past mistakes.  Forgive, but never forget
  8. Help others when you are able either through donations or your time
  9. Parenting is a gift
  10. Give back to your community
  11. Cultivate your creativity
  12. Cooking & eating should be an ‘experience’ worthy of a feeling of being special
  13. Exercise and stay active for all of your life

The key to the success of this inventory is the time spent,  your belief in your answers as to their honest reflection of who you are, and whether you can keep them in your mind, heart and soul.  I highly recommend this exercise as a reflection but it also energizes your direction and path taken. 

What are the 10-12 you can make and keep for yourself that can create more meaning and purpose in your life?

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