Sprouts Are Back!

I was scared and disappointed a couple of years ago when a recall on sprouts due to Salmonella made a number of people very sick, leading to a ban on the selling of them. Well, sprouts are back with varieties that are new to me.

The popularity of sprouted seeds, nuts, beans and grains has risen in recent years, perhaps due to the increasing interest in vegetarianism.

Sprouts are very low in calories, have an earthy texture and sometimes, crunch. Because they are so easily digested, it is believed that sprouted versions of seeds, nuts, beans and grains are higher in protein, vitamins and minerals.

You can grow your own sprouts at home with a damp, dark, moderately temperate environment. Clean Eating Magazine recommends only using seeds that are intended for sprouting and human consumption, and be consistent when rinsing and thoroughly draining the seeds. After sprouted, they will be safe to eat for 3-4 days.

I always look forward to the opening of my neighborhood organic farmer’s market! I love a vendor who grows the most delicious and diverse types of sprouts and micro greens. If you store them with a clean, white paper towel in the container, it helps to reduce the breakdown-time.

Recently on a trip I found kale sprouts at a grocery. A 1 ounce potion (28g) had 15 calories, 0 cholesterol, 1g dietary fiber, 0g sugar, and 1g protein. They included 88% of vitamin A, 35 vitamin C and 3% iron.

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