Stop Drinking Soda and Improve Your Health!

One change that I always recommend to my clients when we discuss lifestyle-eating, and healthy living options that can be made, is to give up soda.

People often look at me, horrified.  They would rather I ask them to nibble on a pigs ear!  Here are some facts for you about regular and diet sodas and what they do to your body and your mind.

According to, observational studies show a correlation between diet sodas and metabolic syndrome In a study of 263,925 adults aged 51-70, who drank soda, were 30% more likely to be diagnosed with depression over a period of 10 years.

Diet sodas are highly associated with obesity and sugar consumption, but there is no evidence that switching from regular soda to diet was helpful against diabetes.  Studies have shown the connection between diet soda and diabetes is very strong, especially in women.


Many people switch to diet soda from regular in the hopes of losing weight, but studies link the consumption of sweeteners to weight gain.  Part of that draw is due to the craving that your body develops for that super sweet flavor.  Dr. Omar Manejwala, the former medical director of Hazelden Recovery Center, and the author of Craving: Why We Can’t Get Enough (Hazelden Pub. 2013) states:  “There is no question that sugary drinks are linked to obesity.  Since half of Americans drink a sugary beverage drink soda every day.  We obviously have a major problem.  And it’s not just “sugar” per se, but ingredients like High-fructose corn syrup, fruit juice concentrates and even honey can add major calories.” 


It will be difficult to make this change.  I drank Coke at one point in my life.  I know.  But your best-health is important.  It may take 2 solid weeks of anxiety and uncomfortable cravings to have the ‘need’ for them pass.   “True, some sweeteners are better than others, but if you can switch to water or some unsweetened beverage, the impact of that change can add up significantly over time.  Like all habits, it’s tough at first, then after a time, you can’t imagine how you did it any other way.”  Says Dr. Manejwala.


Try adding fresh mint, raspberries, cucumber, lemon, or lime to water.  Aqua Zinger makes a bottle where you put the fruit in the bottom and it infuses over time ($25.99  Add Pure Lemon for sweetness (an all-natural flavor packet).


You CAN make this change and it will lead to a healthier lifestyle.  I know that you can do it!

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