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But Eating Healthy Is Expensive And So Boring!

I know that healthy living is my passion, but I take issue with this myth! Many people tell me they can’t afford to eat healthy. That they don’t want to live on rabbit food. That it’s too boring. Here is why you need to rethink that attitude. Continue reading

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How Does An Apple or Pear Shape Affect Your Health?

Everyone has a different shape, metabolism and energy level. It’s one reason that I believe that mainstream, regimented diets don’t work. These variables can affect your success with weight loss. So are your trouble-zones your thighs or your belly & back?  The shape you resemble will help you understand where your body stores fat and can help you strategize your plan to reduce it. Continue reading

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Juicing Is Delicious!

Juicing is one  of the hottest trends in healthy eating these days.  Manufacturers have created incredible, sometimes expensive juicing machines that could probably juice a rock!  They have also managed to produce moderately priced juicers (around $100), that can get the job done as well.  Another developed product are pre-made ‘detoxing’ juicing sets that can cost you upwards of $200! Continue reading

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