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Flexibility Isn’t the Only Benefit of Yoga!

I grew up in Cincinnati watching this graceful, middle aged woman named Lillian, who calmly and softly spoke on Saturday morning public television, showing everyone how to sit calmly in a variety of yoga poses. Not exactly relevant to today’s modern fast-paced lifestyle. Continue reading

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Could Barre Class Be Your Fitness Solution?

I can speak from first-hand knowledge that Barre class is an effective way to shape your quads, gluteus and abs as well as being a calorie burner without aerobic activity! Continue reading

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Health Goals For Different Phases of Life

Every decade in your life is marked by opportunities and challenges for you to face and hopefully overcome.  These changes effect you in your finances, work environment, personal life and in your body.  Building healthy habits from the start can make drastic modifications at later ages less relevant. Continue reading

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