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I’m Bored With The Same Old Chili!


I LOVE my turkey chili recipe I have posted on PaulasHealthyLiving.com (http://paulashealthyliving.com/paulas-turkey-chili/), but I’ve had a few readers write in requesting some healthy options for that recipe. I thought I would break it down into categories. Continue reading

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Is Chicken Soup A Cure-All?

When the winter season is upon us and the inevitable cold comes upon us, nothing makes you feel better like chicken soup. What is it about that fragrant broth loaded with what pleases you (ex: noodles, rice vegetables, quinoa or barley)? Continue reading

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Juicing Is Delicious!

Juicing is one  of the hottest trends in healthy eating these days.  Manufacturers have created incredible, sometimes expensive juicing machines that could probably juice a rock!  They have also managed to produce moderately priced juicers (around $100), that can get the job done as well.  Another developed product are pre-made ‘detoxing’ juicing sets that can cost you upwards of $200! Continue reading

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