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Jump Start Health Goals with a Nutritionist, Dietitian or Fitness Apps

Getting advice from a food expert, either a nutritionist, dietitian, or for a lower cost a food app may help jump start your healthy eating habits and lead you to reach your weight goals.

First, it’s important to understand the difference between a nutritionist and a dietitian. In some states, someone can call themselves a “nutritionist” without any qualifications or certifications.  A registered dietitian (R.D.) must have at least a bachelor’s degree with specific coarse work and training in nutrition.  They also must pass a board test and attend continuing education classes to keep their status. Continue reading

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5 Diet Myths and Mistakes

Some diet mistakes that people make in their quest for weight loss can actually prevent you from achieving your weight and fitness goals: Continue reading

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Is Dieting a Four Letter Word?

When I talk about what I eat (especially when my children are around), I am very careful to use the word “food plan” instead of the word DIET.

Growing up in the 70’s where fad diets such as the “Grapefruit Diet” “Sauerkraut Diet”, “Cayenne Pepper Diet” and the huge following of the “Atkins Diet” were considered mainstream; losing weight through eating a healthy well-balanced diet seemed juvenile.   But to me, the word diet  implies something unhealthy, and temporaryContinue reading

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