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But Eating Healthy Is Expensive And So Boring!

I know that healthy living is my passion, but I take issue with this myth! Many people tell me they can’t afford to eat healthy. That they don’t want to live on rabbit food. That it’s too boring. Here is why you need to rethink that attitude. Continue reading

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Delicious Chicken Marsala

I found this recipe for Chicken Marsala at AllRecipes.com and absolutely love it.  I thought I would share it with you because it’s easy to make. Plus it’s healthy for you (with a few minor adjustments to the original recipe) and you can add your own variations to create a whole new flavor. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Make Sure Your Big Bird Is Safe To Eat

(photo: sheknows.com)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, under cooking a turkey (or any bird) is one of the top sources of food-borne illnesses. Safety in preparation and cooking is very important. Here are some tips for safety: Continue reading

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Is There Such A Thing As A Healthy Oil?

Healthy eating is attained through a blend of whole foods such as vegetables, whole fruits, low-fat dairy, lean protein, whole grains and healthy oils as part of your daily food plan. 

Different oils can work for different uses. Continue reading

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