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Your Health Is What You Eat

Your health is what you eat.

A simple sentence but an honest truth.  We know this is true for body mass, weight gain or loss, for your energy level and for exercise results.  Think of your body as a fine car. The quality of the fuel you put in equals the performance levels of the different systems. If you eat high processed foods loaded with preservatives, salts, sugars and saturated fats, your body will feel sluggish.  It will process those ingredients at an erratic speed leaving you tired. It does not feed your muscles so that it can repair itself to be able to come back stronger at your next workout. Continue reading

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The Health Halo Effect

The point of advertising is to entice you to buy products or services that you didn’t ‘know’ you needed.  Many of us know this, yet we fall as quickly as children do, for the marketer’s tag lines and false claims, again and again.  Their products claim; low-fat, low-calorie, gluten-free, sugar-free and even organic. Continue reading

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Are There Any Real Benefits In Buying Organic Produce?

The controversy continues over the nutritional and health supremacy of organic fruits and produce over conventionally grown.  

Every week a new ‘definition’ point of view is established.  

Paula Maier - OrganicThese are some facts to take into account.

It has been found that in about 60% of studies that organic food is higher in some nutrients than conventionally produced food.  

These statistics can be refuted by other studies, but you need to look if the studies that are being compared are done on the same physical area over-time.  Otherwise you are comparing apples to oranges because the soil being tested is not the same.

Polyphenols are antioxidants and may be one of the main reasons fruits and vegetables are healthy for us.  

One issue to consider is what the organic growing process filters versus conventional growing.  

Plants grown organically have to grow stronger from the start because they have to fend off a range of insects and growth disease on their own.  

This ‘defensive compound’ they create may help to keep us healthier according to Charles Benbrook, a researcher at Washington State University. He is with the National Academy of Sciences as chief science consultant for the Organic Center.  

He states. “If you keep putting on more and more nitrogen fertilizer the way conventional farms do, you drive yields up and produce bigger plants.  But, this dilutes the plants’ levels of vitamins, minerals and polyphenols.”

Shelf-life and sugar content

Apples, celery, pears, potatoes, strawberries, sweet bell peppers and sweet potatoes are higher in pesticides on the Dietary Risk Index (DRI), and lower on the Organic Risk Index (ORI).  This affects their shelf-life, and sugar content.  Also to be considered is if the plants are grown domestically (where they are subject to our mandates and regulations about growing procedures) or abroad.

Bottom Line?  Seek out the information in DRI from the EPA and other agencies, and imported vs. domestic statistics when you are making decisions about whether you want to buy organic or domestic fruits and vegetables.  

Make informed decisions with all of the facts.

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Great Ideas For Getting Your Daily Dose Of Fruits & Veggies

It is a great way to increase nutrition in your daily clean eating food plan to incorporate seasonal vegetables into your diet. The days of abundant vegetables and farmer’s market colorful produce are almost out of reach, but there are still beautiful, colorful vegetables available at this ‘quiet’ time.  It seems obvious, but many people steer toward pre-packaged fruit/vegetable juices for convenience which often do have added sugars, preservatives and salt to extend their shelf life. EATING FRESH FRUITS/VEGETABLES AVOIDS THOSE UNWANTED ADDITIVES! Continue reading

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The Serious Effects of Sugar

Sugar and how to manage it within your diet is a serious challenge for many Americans, of all age groups.  Do you crave it within your day?  Are you unable to pass it up if it’s within your reach?  Do you feel out of control with when you eat sugar?

Sugar can be an issue for a variety of reasons.  There has been established research that sugar can lead to belly and low-back flab.  Sugary foods are quickly absorbed, which then leads to insulin spikes that lead to rebound hunger and triglyceride levels.  These elevated levels leave you at an increase risk of heart disease.  Another aspect of these issues is that increase fructose can build fat deep within the abdomen which is one of the worst places to have that situation. Continue reading

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Why You Need To Have A Candid Conversation With Your Doctor

When you go to see your physician for a check-up, or to address a problem you have, a candid conversation is more important than you may give credence to. Why?

-If your doctor asks you about your smoking or drinking habits, they are not prying into your social life, but the frequency of cigarette and alcohol use can affect birth control side effects (increases risks of cancer). Which kind they may recommend can impact your sinus issues, increase your risk of stroke, affect the development of heart and lung disease, and an extended list of gastrointestinal and memory issues. Continue reading

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How to Make Your Time Exercising Really Count

If you are committed to getting healthier by utilizing exercise, make sure that you are getting the most out of every moment. Some behaviors to limit to achieve the most that you can are:   Continue reading

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Me in 20 years


I usually discuss issues of health involving diet, exercise, and health related topics. Today I wanted to share a thought Continue reading

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