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How to Survive a Food Court

If you find yourself in a food court while on vacation or shopping, how can you find foods that won’t sabotage your fitness goals?

-If you’re ordering Chinese food, stick to one entrée and one side. Try and add steamed vegetables to that entrée, or brown rice (small portion) to reduce the salt and total calories of the dish.   Continue reading

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Rediscover Delicious Root Vegetables

Root vegetables are a sweet, nutritious and delicious fall and winter vegetable that can be roasted and made into a  medley for a wonderful side dish. Continue reading

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Should You Go Green?! (by Trisha at Cincinnati Fit Body Bootcamp)

I read this very informative article a few days ago and wanted to share it with you.  Written by Trisha at the Cincinnati Fit Body Bootcamp website, it list the best leafy greens  for your diet.


I know we’ve all heard we need to eat more vegetable, but just why are they so very important to our health and why are green veggies so important? They really are more than that sprig of parsley decorating the side of your plate and they sometimes get a bad rap.  Greens are sometimes bitter and others are sometimes sweet, even pungent. Continue reading

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Diet Is A Four Letter Word.

Weight loss through dieting alone is not easy. There are pitfalls at every turn. The best way to ensure that your program reaches the goals that you seek, you MUST combine clean eating and exercise. There are issues to be aware of that help keep you on track:

1. Don’t eat off your kids plates. These calories stack up, and many people forget to calculate them when figuring out what your daily total calculations are. The other issue to that kids food is often higher in fat than clean foods. Continue reading

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Are You Battling Your Food?

One often unexplored aspect of achieving weight loss goals is the relationship that you have with food, and how you view the way  you eat it.

At PaulasHealthyLiving, we view food as an avenue to bring fuel and energy to your body. You achieve that goal by fueling your systems with non-processed, whole foods.  It isn’t about totally removing this food or that one; but rather it’s about MODERATION in your food choices.  If you are told, “Never eat…”, Continue reading

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