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Tips for Cooking Kale and Other Greens

Kale, spinach, swiss chard, mustard and collard greens have been elevated to superstar status lately, and rightfully so.  But many cooks are intimidated to try to cook them at home because they don’t understand how to get the most flavor out of them. Continue reading

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What Really Counts As Aerobic Fitness Activity?

We often discuss in the Paula’s Healthy Living community about moderation in life’s choices and how to create a healthier lifestyle while accepting ideas that may be considered ‘outside-the-box’!  So, what qualifies any activity we do as aerobic fitness versus just staying busy?

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Food & Activity Hacks That Save You Calories

Kids are back in school, the ‘free-pass’ for summer food choices is sadly gone, so what hacks can you utilize to shave calories here and there?  Here are a few of my favorite food hacks and activity hacks.  If you have some of your own, please share in the comment section below. Continue reading

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Kale & Quinoa: Rock Stars of the Food World

According to Google Trends, kale recipes have nearly quadrupled in the past 2 years.  Kale and quinoa are two super foods that have become the rock stars of the food world, in the past 8 years.  Part of their notoriety stems from the versatile nature of both. Quick to cook, mild and blendable by nature, they work for all three meal times of the day. Continue reading

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Make Smart, Healthy Choices with These Tips

When you decide to make changes in your diet to try and eat healthier, have more energy or improve your families’ health, you may be missing the mark.  Here are some suggestions for making healthy choices: Continue reading

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Weight Loss Study Shows Importance of Portion Control

For many years, sports science studies have stressed that varying amounts of fat, protein and carbohydrates are the key to weight loss. A January, 2012 article in the Wall Street Journal challenges those long standing beliefs. Continue reading

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Tips for Freezing Healthy Meals

Freezing healthy meals can help you and your family make smart meal choices during your hectic week.

Managing the schedule for you and your family can seem like a full-time job.  Throw in a job, continuing education, exercise and carrying for aging parents, there isn’t much time left for healthy cooking.  You may find fast food drive thrus to be the only practical solution but I want to share some tips for portioning, cooking and freezing some foods to relieve that “what’s for dinner” burden. Continue reading

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Cooking at Home Can Positively Impact Your Weight & Health

Finding the time to cook healthy foods can be challenging too many in our busy society. But cooking doesn’t have to be time consuming, intimidating, or expensive. Have some of these basic healthy staples in your pantry and you can whip together an energizing meal that is low in salt and high in nutrition.

My top choices are:

1. Boxed chopped tomatoes- (boxed is often better than canned variety. If you choose canned, look for PBA free, organic choices).

2. Whole wheat or wheat blended pasta

3. Beans (PBA free is using canned, rinse well and soak throwing out soaking water if you use dried)

4. Frozen mixed vegetables (especially broccoli, edamame, cubed carrots)

5. Egg substitute/egg whites or whole eggs

6. Boneless, skinless chicken breast

7. Old-fashioned oatmeal (breakfast or breading for chicken strips and fish)

8. Frozen fruit (can flash freeze your own at this time of year)

9. Brown rice

10. Quinoa, faro

11. Frozen shrimp

12. Low-fat, low-salt chicken stock (I use large carton, organic brands)

Some easy, go-to recipes to try are:

  • Hearty vegetable soup
  • Vegetable, chicken or shrimp pasta (fill with veggies, add spinach, and other veggies to build up the density of the dish which controls the total calories
  • Veggie wrap filled with veggies, and chicken. Add fat-free feta or low-fat Mexican cheese and low-salt salsa
  • Stir fry veggies and protein with brown rice, quinoa with low-salt soy sauce.
  • Tomato soup with veggies made with low-salt chicken stock
  • Fruit smoothie with frozen fruit, low-sugar o.j., vanilla protein powder and 0% Greek yogurt
  • Oatmeal crusted chicken
  • Frittata- make a dinner meal by adding more savory ingredients such as broccoli, chicken breast or shrimp, onions, tomato bits, mushrooms, spices, fresh herbs and 1 cup egg substitute. Frittata’s can work for brunch by leaving out the chicken


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Successful Weight Loss Requires A Plan of Action

Weight loss is a challenge no matter what time of year it is, but there are tips to use that will help you stay on track. Make a plan of action following these tips and you’ll see success!

Use a diary (free printout in this link) to track your food and exercise output.  You can use nutrition books or apps to help you track calories if you feel that doing so will help keep you accountable.  I use a digital food scale to help me store pre-weighted bags of protein and complex carbs such as quinoa, farrow, sweet potatoes and brown rice.  This helps me put together a quick lunch or dinner. Continue reading

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How Stress Can Sabotage Your Success with Good Health

I posted this article on stress when I first launched the Paula’s Healthy Living website. It’s one of my favorites so I wanted to share it with our new readers.

Everyone knows that stress is no fun. At the same time, many of us know that it comes whether you want it to or not! Chronic high stress can cause a myriad of negative health issues.  It increases cortisol levels, it can interrupt your sleep,  it can cause changes in your metabolism, and cause emotional issues. Continue reading

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