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Weight Loss Study Shows Importance of Portion Control

For many years, sports science studies have stressed that varying amounts of fat, protein and carbohydrates are the key to weight loss. A January, 2012 article in the Wall Street Journal challenges those long standing beliefs. Continue reading

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Successful Weight Loss Requires A Plan of Action

Weight loss is a challenge no matter what time of year it is, but there are tips to use that will help you stay on track. Make a plan of action following these tips and you’ll see success!

Use a diary (free printout in this link) to track your food and exercise output.  You can use nutrition books or apps to help you track calories if you feel that doing so will help keep you accountable.  I use a digital food scale to help me store pre-weighted bags of protein and complex carbs such as quinoa, farrow, sweet potatoes and brown rice.  This helps me put together a quick lunch or dinner. Continue reading

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Burn Calories Hours After Your Exercise is Over!

Exercise is a metabolism furnace for calorie burning for up to 14 hours after you’ve changed out of your workout gear! Continue reading

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My Favorite Weight Loss Tips: Part II

Here are the remainder of my favorite tips for weight loss.  The 15 steps from yesterday and the additional 15 from today will help you kick start healthy changes to your lifestyle. Continue reading

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Is Dieting a Four Letter Word?

When I talk about what I eat (especially when my children are around), I am very careful to use the word “food plan” instead of the word DIET.

Growing up in the 70’s where fad diets such as the “Grapefruit Diet” “Sauerkraut Diet”, “Cayenne Pepper Diet” and the huge following of the “Atkins Diet” were considered mainstream; losing weight through eating a healthy well-balanced diet seemed juvenile.   But to me, the word diet  implies something unhealthy, and temporaryContinue reading

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