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Have A Happy, Healthy Holiday With These Appetizers

Appetizers can be the downfall of a weight management plan for anyone over the holidays.  Food is everywhere! On desks and in break rooms, in classrooms, at parties and get-togethers!   Are there any healthy choices?

Some picks are better than others.  Here are some choices to look out for and at the bottom is my Mother’s recipe for a great vegetable dip that she served at the holidays. 

Appetizers to look for:

-Shrimp cocktail

-Chicken skewers


-cut fruit with yogurt dip

-Greek yogurt/horseradish dip with vegetables*

-smoked salmon (sans cream cheese)

-Goat cheese on pear slices

-wasabi and crab on endive leaves


Appetizers to steer away from:

-Artichoke/spinach dip with bread to dip

-Buffalo wings

-Creamy cheese dips

-Nacho dip with chips

-Liver pate

-Anything wrapped in pastry

-Anything fried and sitting in an orange colored sauce

-Mac-n-cheese with lobster

-Bread baskets with a cheese spread


Blanche’s Horseradish dip-

1 cup sour cream (I substitute 0% Greek yogurt)

2 tbsp. raw horseradish (called prepared)

dash of salt

1 tsp. paprika

Stir ingredients and serve with cut vegetables.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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