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Black Beans Salad

(courtesy of www.aashpazi.com)

  •             1 Can 15 oz (425 g) Black Beans
  •             1 Can 15 oz (425 g) Kernel Corn
  •             1 Bunch Parsley
  •             1 Bunch Green Onions
  •             1 Red Bell Pepper
  •             1 Ripe Avocado
  •             3 Tbsp Olive Oil
  •             4 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar
  •             2 Garlic Cloves
  •             1/2 Lemon
  •             Salt, Caraway Seeds, Black Pepper Powder
  •             15 Corn Tortillas

1- Mince the parsley and green onions.

2- Dice the red onion.

3- Dice the avocado..

1- Combine diced parsley, green onions, red bell pepper, avocado, a can of black beans and kernel corn in a big bowl and mix well.

2- Cover the bowl with a lid or plastic and place it in a refrigerator for an hour.

3- Meanwhile, combine 3 tbsp olive oil, 4 tbsp red wine vinegar in a smaller bowl.

4- Mash two garlic cloves and squeeze  half of lemon into the bowl.

5- Add few pinches of salt, caraway seeds and black pepper powder to the bowl, and whisk to blend.

6- Remove the beans mixture from refrigerator, add the olive oil mixture, stir until well combined.

7- Cover the bowl with a lid and chill for one more hour.

8- Meanwhile, heat corn tortillas in a microwave for 30 seconds.

9- Spray a muffin pan with cooking spray, and place a tortillas in the pan while hot (right out of microwave) and push the center agains the pan to shape a cup.

10- Spray the tortillas with cooking spray.

11- Preheat oven to 425º F (218º C), bake the tortillas for 10 to 15 minutes or until golden.

12- Allow the tortillas to cool off, fill with the black beans salad and serve.


Black beans salad is a good source of vitamin C. It has no cholesterol and very low in sodium and saturated fat.  Black beans, parsley and green onions contain high level of antioxidants that may reduce the risk of cancer. They are also high in proteins and vitamins. 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of black beans salad has 196 calories and 49 calories from fat.


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Juicing Is Delicious!

Juicing is one  of the hottest trends in healthy eating these days.  Manufacturers have created incredible, sometimes expensive juicing machines that could probably juice a rock!  They have also managed to produce moderately priced juicers (around $100), that can get the job done as well.  Another developed product are pre-made ‘detoxing’ juicing sets that can cost you upwards of $200! Continue reading

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