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I’m Eating Right & Working Out! Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Eating right and working out is a great start but may not be enough. A harsh reality is that losing weight is not always easy, especially as we age.  It always feels easier to drop more pounds for men than for women, and is certainly easier when you’re younger.  That’s not a reason to give up the good fight for several reasons. Continue reading

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How to Lose the Flab (the Right Way!)

Our guest blogger, Trisha DeHall of Cincinnati Fit Body Bootcamp, talks about how the right way to lose the “flab”.  


This weekend no less than 6 people told me they needed faster results to get ready for summer.

They all pointed at their ‘flab’ they had below their belly button and they all mentioned how they needed to do ‘more cardio’.

After a slight seizure I educated them on why more cardio won’t do much (if anything at all) for them..
.. what they NEED to do, is spend more time in the kitchen Continue reading

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