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Sirloin Steak with Deep Red Wine Reduction

servings- 4 (3 ounces cooked steak and 1 tablespoon sauce each)

1/2 cup dry red wine
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon reduced-sodium soy sauce Continue reading

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It’s Grilling Time! Mixed Vegetable Grill with Balsamic-Honey Marinade

Grilling is a nostalgic thought of summer, and the perfect season for it is right around the corner.  I love grilling protein, pizza and vegetables for the smoky flavor it imparts, and the glow that grows in my heart from the memories.

Marinating firm seafood and lean protein before grilling imparts great flavor to the meat.  Adding a tablespoon of olive oil to the marinade helps reduce it sticking to your cleaned grill.  Continue reading

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