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Best Brunch Menu!

I have strong memories of spring brunches at my parents’ house with wonderful smells coming from the kitchen.  Trying to enjoy the smell of spring flowers, freshly growing grass and having some down-time on a Sunday.   Many of our brunch get-togethers had a menu of quiche, fresh squeezed orange juice, asparagus and spring mix salad.  The March issues of eating Well and Cooking Light Magazines give great alternative ideas for variations on this theme. Continue reading

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Milk Alternatives and a Delicious Carrot Almond Soup Recipe

A glass of cold milk with an oatmeal cookie is a slice of nostalgia that many enjoy.  But what milk alternatives do you have if your body doesn’t love cow’s milk?

Cow’s milk is rich in protein, vitamins & minerals and if you choose the non-fat variety, the issue of saturated fat is a non-issue. Many Americans are lactose intolerant to dairy products, leaving them with stomach aches and digestive issues if they indulge. Here are some alternatives: Continue reading

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