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Could An Old-Fashioned Cupcake Pan Be The Hottest New Cooking Must Have?

They’ve been around forever. Your Grandmother had one or more with varying degrees of rust on it from constant use. Muffins, corn bread and cupcakes were created from this kitchen staple. But now cooks are using them for more than just bread products!

They are perfect for creating portion-controlled brunch, dinner or dessert ideas. The magic of the muffin tin is expanding! They are good in the oven or under a broiler and cook food quicker since the depth or width of the item being cooked is smaller. They also work really well to make food products in advance that can be readily frozen for future enjoyment.

Breakfast ideas can include muffins, quiches, egg cups with hash browns, prosciutto cups, or oatmeal or quinoa cakes filled with berries. Continue reading

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How Do I Choose A Healthier Restaurant Food?

When you eat in restaurants you are at the mercy of the menu and preparation process in managing calories, salt, sugar and saturated fats. But, there are basic choices that can help you manage the results. Continue reading

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