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How Does An Apple or Pear Shape Affect Your Health?

Everyone has a different shape, metabolism and energy level. It’s one reason that I believe that mainstream, regimented diets don’t work. These variables can affect your success with weight loss. So are your trouble-zones your thighs or your belly & back?  The shape you resemble will help you understand where your body stores fat and can help you strategize your plan to reduce it. Continue reading

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Eating Whole Healthy Foods Helps In More Ways Than One!

At Paula’s Healthy Living we often discuss the health and weight benefits to cooking and eating whole foods versus processed foods. Processed foods are loaded with fillers, salt, sugar and hydrogenated fats to add flavor and extend shelf life. Continue reading

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Portion Control: Is There Too Much Food On Your Plate?

Portion control is critical for anyone to find success with their weight goals. The spotlight on portion control was re-lit when First Lady Michelle Obama introduced the healthy eating initiative called “My Plate”. The portioning recommendations were created to help with weight control and as a means to curb the alarming rise in type 2 diabetes in the United States. Continue reading

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Weight Loss Study Shows Importance of Portion Control

For many years, sports science studies have stressed that varying amounts of fat, protein and carbohydrates are the key to weight loss. A January, 2012 article in the Wall Street Journal challenges those long standing beliefs. Continue reading

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Tips for Freezing Healthy Meals

Freezing healthy meals can help you and your family make smart meal choices during your hectic week.

Managing the schedule for you and your family can seem like a full-time job.  Throw in a job, continuing education, exercise and carrying for aging parents, there isn’t much time left for healthy cooking.  You may find fast food drive thrus to be the only practical solution but I want to share some tips for portioning, cooking and freezing some foods to relieve that “what’s for dinner” burden. Continue reading

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Portion Control Tools In Your Kitchen

There are tools available that can help you manage your daily calorie intake, by keeping portion control on track. Use these to make sure that you reach your body-shape goals.

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