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Do Minerals And Vitamins Deliver The Same Benefits?

Minerals and vitamins sound the same but do they achieve different benefits? “They are essential nutrients that your body needs in small amounts to work properly” -Wikipedia.  Minerals are inorganic materials.  Vitamins aid enzymes in doing their jobs.  Excessive amounts of vitamins are stored in fatty tissue and can accumulate causing them to be toxic.  This typically happens from supplements, and rarely from food. Continue reading

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Is Chicken Soup A Cure-All?

When the winter season is upon us and the inevitable cold comes upon us, nothing makes you feel better like chicken soup. What is it about that fragrant broth loaded with what pleases you (ex: noodles, rice vegetables, quinoa or barley)? Continue reading

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How Do I Choose A Healthier Restaurant Food?

When you eat in restaurants you are at the mercy of the menu and preparation process in managing calories, salt, sugar and saturated fats. But, there are basic choices that can help you manage the results. Continue reading

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Salt Tastes So Good, But It Can Be So Bad

“It takes three weeks or so for your taste buds to adjust to a new salt habit”, according to Vandana R. Sheth, R.D., Certified Diabetes Educator and a spokesperson with the American Dietetic Association.

There are 2,300 milligrams of sodium in about 1 teaspoon of salt and the max daily amount for healthy adults, according to USDA dietary guidelines.  Most adults in the US consume 3,400 per day.  77% of the daily sodium comes from processed or restaurant foods.  Continue reading

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