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Understanding Antioxidants & How Diet Effects Them

There is a synergy needed to allow your body to productively process antioxidants.  This is why nutritionist advises you to eat diverse fresh fruits and vegetables.

Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD., director of Antioxidant Research Lab at Tuffs University says, “Different antioxidants fight different free radicals.  They are like an army where you have generals, colonels and lieutenants.  They all have different jobs.” Continue reading

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Vitamin D: Are You Getting Enough?

A reader requested information about vitamin D supplements and if they were necessary.  My advice is based on a mis-step I took myself last year when my exercise trainer recommended I get B12 shots to boost my energy level.  I didn’t ask enough questions or research the topic enough and went for 3 weekly sessions to receive the B12 shots at a center for weight loss that is monitored by a physician.  When my energy level didn’t change for the positive, I went to my internist to have them run blood tests.  The results were highly elevated levels of B12.  My mistake.  Thank goodness no damage was done, and I stopped the shots immediately. Continue reading

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