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Add Aqua Aerobics to Your Workout Routine!

Do you ever feel like you’ve gotten into a rut at the gym? I used to do the same workout every time I went, and it just got old. I decided to add some cross training into my exercise schedule. A guy in my running group raved about water workouts. I gave aqua aerobics a try, and absolutely loved it, so now it is part of my routine. Here’s why: Continue reading

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The Metabolism Challenge!

Metabolism is an unfaithful foe. When you are young you don’t think about it, but metabolism seems to do its job allowing you to enjoy a food-carefree life. Somewhere in your late 30s and early 40s, metabolism seems to enter its own ‘mid-life crisis’, becoming temperamental, lethargic and uncooperative. Continue reading

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