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Exercise! It Does a Body Good.

Exercising on a regular basis is an integral aspect if healthy living for a variety of reasons. 

Exercise can cut your body fat and alter your bodies composition.  This is important to long-term health by keeping health issues, such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, heart disease and digestive ailments, at bay.  It’s important to note that exercise alone won’t accomplish your goals if your diet doesn’t reflect the hard work you put into it. Continue reading

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Lifestyle Over Diet! By Noreen Gallo

Noreen Gallo is guest blogging for Paula’s Healthy Living today!  She is a registered dietitian with over 20 years of experience and knowledge. Here are her inspiring tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Every time you walk into a grocery store you are bombarded with magazines touting the “Diet of the month” or the magic supplement that will literally MELT body fat in 2 weeks.  We have all seen them and most of us have bought them, in the hopes of finding that magic bullet that will allow us to eat anything that we like and stay slim.  News Flash!!  There is no magic bullet or perfect diet that works for everyone!  Having been a Registered Dietitian for over 20 years, I have worked with hundreds of clients and one thing I have learned is that no two people are the same, consequently no diet could possibly be perfect for everyone!  That being said, there are a couple of general concepts that ring true for most people and gradually working them into your lifestyle will greatly improve your health: Continue reading

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Reaching Your Goals Should Be Rewarded – The Right Way!

Setting attainable goals is critical to success with your fitness and weight loss goals.  Many New Year’s resolutions are quickly abandoned because they are too difficult, too time consuming or too far reaching to ever be realized.  Your goal should be just outside of your reach; one that some effort needs to be shown to achieve. Continue reading

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Walking Works Wonders

Walking can reduce your risk of heart disease, improves blood sugar and blood pressure, strengthens bones,  helps with weight loss, keeps your brain sharp and helps relieve stress.  The key to success in all of those areas is to keep the work effort strong, focused and steady.  You can do this by: Continue reading

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Up Your Odds: Exercise AND Eat Right

Gaining weight back after ‘dieting’ is difficult for people on many levels. This process of yo-yo dieting can be physically and emotionally damaging.  Studies reveal that the most effective form of weight loss and maintaining weight loss is a lifestyle combining healthy eating and exercise. Continue reading

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Fad Diets Don’t Work

Here’s an excellent article written by Charlotte Geraghty on Fad Diets and why they never work.

In the gym this morning, I overheard two women comparing their diets while reading a “Health and diet” page in some stupid misogynist Women’s Magazine. “Posh only drinks lemon juice and maple syrup”, “Well, Madonna only smells her food, she never swallows it.” They had to be joking, right? Wrong! They left their bike machines with the awful magazine left open on the floor. Right there, gazing up at me was Michelle Heaton generously letting the world in on her slim secret – she licks crisps, but never actually eats them. Wow! What a genius! She should write a book on nutrition! Continue reading

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There’s No Good Reason for Eating Bad

Some of the top reasons that people admit to not eating healthy according to a recent poll was:

57%: Healthy foods are more expensive

47%: Social settings present too many temptations Continue reading

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Obesity & Youth: How You Can Help

Obesity in young Americans is a pressing problem. It affects so many levels of society.  It reduces the ability for children to learn and thrive, it effects the community socio-economically in cost associated with medical problems like obesity related diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardio-vascular issues.  It causes the children to miss school and to miss achieving their potential due to a lack of learning. Continue reading

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The Skinny on Different Diet Plans

Many people find results with their weight and exercise goals with different types of programs or diets according to ShopSmartMag.org.  Their criteria were overall satisfaction not necessarily the most weight loss. Continue reading

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Tips for Mindful Eating

Being more mindful of your food not only heightens your enjoyment of food, but it can help you manage your daily calorie intake. Continue reading

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