There’s No Good Reason for Eating Bad

Some of the top reasons that people admit to not eating healthy according to a recent poll was:

57%: Healthy foods are more expensive

47%: Social settings present too many temptations

39%: Life is too short; I want to enjoy what I eat

33%: It’s hard to find healthy options when eating out

29%: I don’t have time to prepare healthy meals

25%: My family prefers less healthy choices

20%: Unhealthy habits are too hard to change

18%: Healthy foods don’t satisfy my appetite

13%: I’m not sure which foods are healthy

( June 2012)

These all feel and sound like valid reasons to continue eating processed, high fat, high salt & sugar foods, but there are serious reasons to just say no!

-Obesity rates are on the rise in the United States with a quickly advancing group including teenagers and younger children.

-Eating processed foods that are filled with salt and sugar creates an environment that can lead to serious health issues such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes.

-Healthy foods are perceived to be more expensive, but a bag of quinoa, for example, makes many meal options and portions.  Buying a whole chicken; cutting it down into smaller pieces and freezing unneeded portions makes food more affordable.  Look on-line for videos or pictures on how to cut the meat properly.

-Not having the time to cook is tricky, but the reality is that you can’t afford not to make the time.  Make big batches of old fashioned oatmeal, pre-bag smoothie fruit, kale and spinach,  fixing big-batches of stews makes meal creating easier and faster.  Cook the food, cool, portion in Tupperware or zip lock bags, mark them and freeze for future use-If you’re not getting support from your family, friends or co-workers, appeal to them to ‘help you’ with your goal.

-Clean out trigger foods from your home environment.  You can’t rely on will power when you’re tired, stressed or angry to avoid these foods.

One of the reasons given was that “life’s too short. I want to enjoy food.”  Healthy foods will awaken your taste buds that may have gotten deadened by sugar and preservatives.  Fruits, vegetables, and lean meats are robust in flavor and textures and you’ll find the shrinking of your waist line, and increase in energy is addicting!

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