Tiredness: Is It Exhaustion Or A Medical Issue?

Tiredness: Is It Exhaustion Or A Medical Issue?

I’ve awoken in the morning after a decent night’s sleep, no overindulging, and generally good health and felt tired! Am I getting sick? Is this just what it feels like to be getting older?

According to an article on ConsumerReports.org, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that 16 percent of women and 12 percent of men ages 45-64 describe themselves as wiped out in the last three months. This is a concern on many levels. At work feeling fatigued can lead to a lack of focus, mistakes and lowered workplace morale. At home, constantly feeling tired leads to moodiness, depression, lower interest in sex, and other health issues.

There are steps to take to try and re-boost your energy and get your life back on track:
1. See your doctor to have a series of questions and blood test done. Come to such a meeting with a full account of symptoms and times when they occur (even if you think they are irrelevant). If you are seeing different doctors in different specialties, make sure you share their names and the prescription names and dosages, if any.
2. Make sure your sleep environment is ideal for optimal sleep opportunities. Many people who are chronically fatigued find that they are using media electronics such as iPads, cell phones, laptops and television too close to bedtime, and the visual stimulation is keeping their brains too activated to calm down for sleep. A doctor may also evaluate to determine if your sleep in being disrupted by sleep apnea (see blog on PaulasHealthyLiving.com).
3. Build a trusted relationship with your pharmacist. Talk with them about any possible interactive issues that come up between any prescribed medications, or between your meds and any OTC supplements you may be taking.
4. Evaluate your diet, or consult a nutritionist. You may need to add higher iron foods such as sardines and beef. You may be dehydrated. Even being slightly dehydrated can lead to fatigue, lack of energy, loss of concentration and irritability.
5. Don’t overdo caffeine in coffee or energy drinks. Caffeine can be a tricky beast. You feel tired so you add more coffee or energy shots, but over time you need more to feel that same way. And then you can really overdo it resulting in irritability, increased heart rate and inability to focus.
6. Create and stick to a regular exercise program. It feels counter-intuitive that exercise leaves you feeling less tired and stressed through increased circulation, endorphins, lowered cortisol levels and more oxygen. Also include mind-body connected stress-reducing fitness such as Pilates and yoga.
7. For women, they need to educate themselves on how menstruation, peri-menopause, and menopause can effect energy. There is too much info on this subject to tuck it into this article.

Feeling tired and depressed isn’t typical and there may be a reason for it. Research, ask questions, and educate yourself to find out!

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