Understanding Antioxidants & How Diet Effects Them

There is a synergy needed to allow your body to productively process antioxidants.  This is why nutritionist advises you to eat diverse fresh fruits and vegetables.

Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD., director of Antioxidant Research Lab at Tuffs University says, “Different antioxidants fight different free radicals.  They are like an army where you have generals, colonels and lieutenants.  They all have different jobs.”

But, there is a dance that needs to go on for each antioxidant to shine and live up to its potential.  Blumberg explains, “For example, vitamin C recycles vitamin E.  Once a molecule of vitamin E neutralizes a free radical, vitamin C converts that molecule of vitamin E back to its antioxidant form, allowing it to combat more free radicals.”  If these vitamins don’t work synergistically together because they are not eaten together, they won’t perform to their best ability.

By eating a wide range of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, you are more ensured of the antioxidants’ success.

This enforces my belief that moderation in food choices that include a diverse range of foods will help you reach your weight and health goals.  Try to include seasonal fruits and vegetables with varying colors.  Stay active with weight training and cardio exercises 5 days per week and schedule in rest and relaxation times.

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