What Really Counts As Aerobic Fitness Activity?

We often discuss in the Paula’s Healthy Living community about moderation in life’s choices and how to create a healthier lifestyle while accepting ideas that may be considered ‘outside-the-box’!  So, what qualifies any activity we do as aerobic fitness versus just staying busy?

One criteria would be if your heart rate is elevated at an aerobic zone which is considered 55%-85% of your maximum rate.  That number is determined by age, gender and present weight.
Time is a factor as well.  It has to last at least ten minutes or more.  This can also be cumulative over the whole day.  10 minutes before breakfast, at lunch, before dinner all add up to 30 minutes or more.
Now we understand the accepted perimeters; from here ‘What’ the activity is can be predictable or outside the bounds of ‘normal’.  Lets say for argument sake that any typical gym activity or idea you might see in a fitness magazine is a given.

Home Chores:
-vacuuming, scrubbing floors, cleaning a garage, changing sheets, moving furniture, yard maintenance, washing the car, or raking leaves all can get your ticker working.

Kid Activities:
– jumping on a trampoline, walking the dogs, climbing around the play gym at the park, biking with your children, swimming, kicking a soccer ball all can leave you winded.

Outdoor Activities:
-cycling, hiking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, canoeing, roller blading, surfing, water skiing, and cross country skiing are cardio busters.

-Good old-fashioned dancing is a huge calorie burner and phenomenal for your soul.  Add singing a tune WHILE dancing. That is one of my favorites, especially with my young sons, who still don’t know to be embarrassed by their Mom singing Kelly Clarkson loudly!

The key to success and longevity with exercise is to have passion or interest in what your doing.  If typical cardio is boring to you, go outside of normal, and find your passion and run with it!

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