Which Exercise Program is Best for You?

Is there one type of aerobic activity that is best?  It depends on your goals (fat loss versus endurance conditioning or strength building). The recommendation is to exercise 30-60 minutes a day, at least five days per week to improve fitness and facilitate weight loss.

Walking is accessible and non-intimidating to many which makes it pretty popular.  It helps improve VO2 and increases fat loss.  It’s a natural movement and can be done by most.  Many people develop clubs at work where groups will walk together at lunch.  It fulfills a social need and an exercise value.


Aerobics has provided opportunities to many for diversity in their activity.  The wide-range of classes offered from Zumba to Yogalates and power-lift classes keeps muscle-confusion engaged and promotes continued interest of the participants.

Cycling, whether indoors in a Spinning class or out on the road or trail, provides a lower impact opportunity for enthusiasts.  If you enjoy cycling, make sure that your bike is fitted to you correctly.  If you have numbness in your fingers or toes, it may be that the bike needs to be adjusted.

Swimming is a great alternative for people with joint, hip or knee injuries.  Either water aerobics or swimming laps creates a challenging cardio workout.

HIIT training stands for high intensity interval training.  HIIT is done for shorter durations because the intensity is higher. It is effective because it spikes your heart-rate, and very briefly lowers it, and then repeats that process creating a higher calorie burn.  You need to meet a solid standard of aerobic capacity before trying this exercise to be safe.

When your goal is to improve fitness and decrease body weight it’s not only important for you to pick the type that challenges your body, but the intensity and frequency is significant in choosing the most effective type.  Increasing aerobic capacity in conjunction with a healthy food plan that energizes your future workouts and doesn’t sabotage your goals is critical.

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